Types Of Additional Components For Ship Model Kits

While working with a variety of ship model kits, you will probably notice that there is a complete selection of additional components that can be added to the final scale model to give it an exclusive touch. Some of the components are mentioned below:

  • Cathead

The name cathead comes from the activity of “catting” or securing the anchor head prior to lifting up the anchor to be stowed. Pulleys and rope sheaves formed part of the cathead block and deal with rigging to lift the anchors into position. These are fitted at the bow and extend out from the bow. The drawings and plans of the scale model will detail the way the catheads are to be made and fitted.

  • Rudder & Rudder Hinges

The rudder is typically fitted later in the assembling of a scale model. It is joined to the sternpost with the help of rudder hinges. Small brass nails are employed to attach the hinge halves to the ruder and sternpost. A dab of super glue to the hinge assists holding it in place. The ruder hinges come in two halves known as gudgeons. The pintal is a component that’s the hinge component and attaches the two halves collectively.

It is vital to note that the hinge component that has the pintal effect is fitted to the rudder and that when fitting the rudder is hooked into the hinges fitted to the sternpost. This guarantees the rudder will not simply fall off.

  • Tillers, Steering Gear & Wheels

A tiller was the most straightforward technique of steering a vessel. Smaller vessels were steered with a tiller, which is a handle that’s joined to the top of the rudder so that the tiller is situated inboard. With the vessel moving forward the helmsman would merely move the angle of the tiller to change the way of the rudder and hence the vessel.

Bigger vessels were fitted with a tiller that was joined using a block and deal with a mechanism to a ship wheel. The tackle was wound around a drum that was joined to the ship wheel.

  • Cannons & Carronades

Cannons and carronades were the armaments of the majority of the ships up to the mid-1850s as there was a huge rivalry between the seafaring countries of Europe over trade. If the kit has armaments the drawings and plans supplied will demonstrate the way they are put together and joined to the scale model.

  • Bittheads or Bollards

Bollards and bittheads are used to make heavy ropes safe from the winches, yards or capstan. As the bittheads may be under some tension to add a little extra power to joining them to the deck location you can drill a 1mm hole into its base and stick a 10mm length of 1mm brass wire in place. Then drill the same size hole into the location where the bittheads are to be joined and then attach them in place.

The things mentioned above are some of the additional components that can be attached to a variety of different types of ship model kits. These are sure to give the model an exclusive touch!

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