Why Bluejacket Wooden Ship Kits Should Be on Your Purchase List

The Americans contributed largely towards the winning of the World War II for the Allied forces. Since then, there has been a big interest in the American ships, boats and other machinery that was used by them over time. The Bluejacket kits include a wide variety of techniques that are used to cut the wood pieces as per the requirements of the model. Some kits will include a pre-carved solid wood hull while others are cut by the lasers. Certain other kits have the true plank on frame cutting that is done to give the best experience to the customers.

Bluejacket is also known for the maintenance of the Laughing Wale line of products of wooden ship kit. They are basically small warcrafts that were used by Americans to promote their objectives and motives during the wartimes. As the Midwest boat kits lost their popularity, the Laughing Wale lines of ships were the ones that were able to replace them in the best possible way. But the quality of the raw materials that were used by the earlier models has been improvised upon. The wood quality is the best and assures long lasting presence in your home or office once you are done with the compilation.

As the kits by Bluejacket are made in the USA, it is easier for the customers to read and understand the instructions and the plans that are spelled out. So, if you are planning to get the perfect wooden ship kit, then Bluejacket could prove to be the ideal choice. Some of the leading names of the ship kits made available for the customers by the company are enlisted as follows:

  • 310 Destroyer
  • 80’ Elco PT Boat
  • America 1851 Yacht
  • Atlantic 3-Masted Transatlantic Schooner
  • Bowdoin
  • Cape Cod Catboat
  • Charles P. Notman
  • Charles W. Morgan Cutaway
  • CNS Alfred

Blujacket has a big range of products to choose from. There are several other models that are available for you to chose from. There are even categories for you to check out before you actually pick the right one. You can consult our experts of the field to get the best recommendations. Bluejacket allows you to even pick from the varied kits based on the price range that you are most comfortable with.

The Bluejacket kits come with guarantees and you can choose the one that you love the most. Although the process might take a week or so if you have special requests or need replacements, but it is definitely worth the wait. Ages of Sail is one of the biggest providers of the different manufacturers of the wooden ship kit. We have our very own screening process that is used by us to get more information on the quality and the guarantees that are provided. We assure you the best manufacturers are only added to our list, for you to pick from. Ages of Sail is all set to deliver the best kits to your doorstep. All you have to do is call our customer care number to get the best feedback and information on your next purchase.

Salient Features of the Turk Model Range of Products

Turk models are one of the few companies from Turkey who manufacture ship model kits and produce high quality kits. It is one of the best manufacturers of the kits in the region and supplies the same to different countries. With years of experience, Turk model offers the best kinds of boats and ships. Along with this, the company also offers several other accessories and other ferries’ models for the buyers to purchase, assemble and enjoy.

If you face problems with the understanding of the manuals or the instructions, the company also provides improved services for buyers. The instructions manuals in different languages are provided Cutter digitally for the buyers to download, print and then use for the assembly of the varied parts. The instructions are given in advance and the local copies are also provided so that the best results can be acquired by the buyers.

Some of the leading types of models of the ships or boats that you can easily purchase from the official website of Ages of Sail is as follows:

  • Astraal Scandinavian Fishing Boat
  • Besiktas Motoru
  • Bosphorus Cutter
  • Bosphorus Ferry Pasabahce
  • CB90H – Nordic Class Boats 135
  • Conny Nordic Fishing Boat
  • FPV Westra Scottish Fisher Protection Vessel
  • Jeanett Nordic Fishing Boat
  • Killing Sailboat Class Racing Boat

Apart from the above-mentioned models of the ships and the boats, there are several other boats and ships model kits that can be easily purchased. These are fishing boats majorly that are made in the Nordic style and help with the refinement of the existing models that the buyers might like to acquire. Our professionals are excellent and experienced in helping you pick the perfect manufacturer of a certain type of a model and make sure that the highest quality wood is used by the varied companies.

Ages of Sail has been in the business of providing the best type of ship model kits to our customers. Our team hand picks the best manufacturers from across the globe and distribute the same in the country. You can find some of the best providers of the model kits in terms of ships and boats on the official website of the company and get the best deals in the region.

Our main motive is to help you pick the first-class ferries, boats and ships for assembly and recreation activity. The Turk model uses the foremost technology to give you the best types of kits that you can comfortably use. The designs are made through the use of the digital footprint and labels so that the models are perfect and the most lucrative designs are acquired by the buyers. It has become essentially important for buyers to make sure that the quality is good and the said names of the designs are actually delivered.

Ages of Sail makes sure that you get what is promised to you in the smallest duration of time and with the best quality. The digital formatting of the Turk model is one of the best features of this manufacturer. So, call us now to get the best deals on the best products.

How Ships in Bottle Can be Less Challenging

Ages of Sail specializes in helping you acquire the best kinds of Ships in Bottles. They are often seen to be the most challenging types of ships to be made and are often regarded as the Impossible Bottle Ships. However, there are actually no tricks attached to it and it is rather easy when compared to the other types of ships that are available. The kits that are designed and manufactured by the leading companies are made in such a manner that it can be easily completed by you. If you have even the smallest amount of experience with ship building as a hobby then you should not find this a miracle.

The designs and the instructions are given with excellent descriptions so that you can easily create the Shops in Bottle and impress the people around you. It might seem to be hard at first but if you have steady hands and you are willing to give yourself the challenge that you need, then this is the perfect choice for your next project. It might seem overwhelming at first but then you need to just follow the steps that are mentioned and you can make the perfect one.

It must be common for you to hear people expect that you can make ships in bottles since you already know how to make or build ships from the kits that are provided. With the use of the latest techniques and improved systems, you can easily build the best ships in the bottle. The only way to do this is to make sure that you follow the mentioned steps and work towards improving your technique in the most effective and efficient manner.

So, the next time some one asks if you can make a ship in the bottle, you can easily give them a Yes, because Ages of Sail brings to you the best ship model kits that can assist you with the development of the best ships in the bottle and help you get the appreciation that you have been looking for. Building ships is difficult as it is. And making a ship in a bottle may seem or sound to be too drastic. But it is not. Our range of Ships in the Bottle come along with excellent techniques and guides that allow you to get that extra edge and satisfaction from your ship building hobby.

Some of the leading brands and ship model kits that you can easily get on our website or at our store is as follows:

  • Golden Yacht Ship in a Bottle Kit
  • Hannah Ship in a Bottle Kit
  • US Coast Guard Eagle / GorchFock Ship in a Bottle Kit

Ages of Sail has a long range of products and ships that you can easily pick from. Our goal is to help you reach the most improved techniques of ship building and enjoy yourself to the extreme. Scout around our website to find out the best types of models that would grab your attention and give you the mileage that you need.

Features of Caldercraft English Model Boat Kits

Caldercraftis one of the best model boat kits that are offered by Ages of Sail on our long list of branded kits. We are proud of the exceptional models and interesting kits that are promoted by the brands that we bring to our customers. Caldercraft helps in experiencing the best quality model boat kits along with the right instructions. The subjects or the models that are proposed are very popular and include fine details that are added to the ship. The plans and the instructions are so clear that it helps with the perfect management of the building process.

The model boat kits have structural parts and a lot of other designs that are unprecedented. The high metal components add finesse to the boat designs and bring out a brand-new appeal. The Caldercraft also offers excellent quality wood and photo-etched brass in them to give a realistic look to the whole design. These are often ranked as the most historically accurate model boat kits that are being manufactured in Britain and supplied to different parts of the world. Caldercraft encompasses vision and improved technique to assist ship compilers in bringing about a fresh perspective to their collection.

Some of the names of the major design ideas that are brought out for the customers are as follows:

  • Alte Liebe Harbor Tug
  • Amaranth Motor Fife
  • Brannaren Swedish Coastal Tanker
  • CumbraeClyed Pilot
  • Gunboat William
  • HM Bark Endeavour
  • HM Brig Badger
  • HM Brig Supply
  • HM Cutter Sherbourne

Ages of Sail is one of the best providers of the best model ship kits and boat kits that are made available for the ship builders. Due to the accuracy and the finesse quality being provided by the manufacturers, it has added an exceptional understanding to the finest ships that are made available to the public until now. It is also one of the most popular brands in the market and that is why it is being brought to the surface by Ages of Sail for people to identify it and use the best types of model boat kits that is available. The models are exceptionally made with the complete navy finesse and improvisations. The Nelson era models are one of the most lucrative and properly designed kits that are getting the most popularity. Ages of Sail has a large number of other brands that offer their own specialty and experience to the ship builders. We take charge of reviewing the quality and make sure that you have all the details about the ship before you can start building it. You can even acquire the latest tools and other materials to improve your ship building experience at the end of the day. Our goal is to help you reach the best experience with every model kit and bring joy to your hobby experience. We understand that you need to reduce the stress and our concentration on the detailing can help you build the best ships that you have ever come across. Contact us today for the best recommendations.

New Collection of Swords for Our Ship Builders

If you are interested in wooden model ship kits and have been doing this for a quite while then you might need a change of pace. Many of our permanent ship builders often ask us for something new that they can build and add to their collection. So, Ages of Sail brings to you Swords that are especially crafted by Marto of Spain. The company is an international leader in the manufacturing of swords and is particularly based in Marto. With over 100 years of experience in the field, the company has been promoting historic artifacts and giving individuals an opportunity to build and treasure the rich history of the world.

Some of the leading models of swords that you can easily acquire from Ages of Sail are as follows:

  • Excalibur Sword Gold and Silver Finish
  • King Solomon Sword
  • Knights Templar Sword Gold Finished
  • Knights Templar Sword Silver
  • Masonic Sword Gold Finished
  • Robin Hood Sword
  • Roman Gladius Sword of Julius Caesar
  • Sword of Richard The Lionheart
  • Viking Sword of Erik the Red

The best aspect of building swords is that they are like ships as well. They are not easy to build but they are very durable. The materials used by the company are exceptional and can be used to treasure the piece of your sword for years together. Swords are known to add a fresh perspective to your collection of ships. You can even match the era of theswords to the ships that you have built and make an entire collection from one generation or era.

These factors can help you attain the best knowledge about thebest building exercises that should be used for historic and different models. Swords of different brands are made available but Martois one of the best branded companies to provide materials to build the best swords. These swords seem to be real when kept in your cabinet or in the closet where you treasure all your ships and other materials.

When purchasing the perfect model, whether you need wooden model ship kits or swords, you should always pick the best company and the most experienced providers of models. The mastery of some of the companies in the building of model kits is unprecedented and unmatched. There are models made by Marto that were displayed and treasured in museums. Preservation is not only done on the national level but to a large extent on the international level as well. Ages of Sail has attempted to bring to you the best-in-class materials and manufacturers of model kits to help you get the best results from the product that you might choose. We have often been ranked among the best and the most reputed companies to help our customers pick the perfect ship model kits and other types of model kits. You can order your favorite products from the official website of the company or visit our stores to understand the dynamics of the different models before you are able to pick the perfect one.

Why are Dusek Wooden Ship Kits Special?

If you are trying to find information about Dusek Wooden ship kit and whether it is a reliable brand to pick the ship kits, then you have come to the right place. Ages of Sail has been associated with Dusek wooden ship kit providers since a long time now. Our first priority is to test the ship kits and make sure that they are worthy enough for our customers to buy and build ships on. We have given our manufacturers every opportunity to prove that they are using the best quality materials. Keeping this in view, Dusek is one of the most reliable and exceptional brand of wooden ship kit providers.

Dusek is located in the Czech Republic and is owned by a family since generations. The idea is to give the customers, the best possible ship model kits. If you do not find the right manuals with the ships, you can even download them from the website of Ages of Sail, without any added costs. Dusek is one of the best providers of ship kits and works towards improving the experience of the customers in the most suitable manner. The following are the most popular types of Dusek model kits that you can choose from:

  • La Real
  • La Belle Poule
  • Greek Bireme
  • Le Cerf
  • Maria HF31
  • Nina
  • Nuestra Senora
  • San Martin
  • Santa Maria
  • The Viking Ship Gokstad and many more

Dusek has managed to understand the complexities of varied types of ships and brough about change in the way many builders have built the most promising ships until now. Ages of Sail understands the whole purpose of ship building and has managed to change the perspective of the people through the provision of the best in class services and products in our official stores and websites. Our website also offers a step by step guide to new people on how to build ships.

With the intricate details provided by our professionals and experts in the field of ship building, we have managed to improve the quality parameters through the feedback received from the customers. As a lot of you might find it difficult to locate the right tools in the stores around the block, we also give you a long list of tools to buy or purchase from our website. Our official brick and mortar stores also consist of a huge variety of ship model kits and other supplies.

In order to get a better feel of the model kit, some individual prefer to use paints. In some cases, you might need the right adhesives to stick the pieces together. The additional materials available on our website have the right ingredients to make sure that the ships do not get damaged with their use and you get the perfect design and long-lasting results after the ship is duly finished. Every brand-named wooden ship kit present on our website is fully proven excellent results. As more and more models are made available, we keep upgrading our stores to help you get the best experience in one lifetime.

Choosing the Right Wood Ship Kit Brand for Beginners

Wooden ship kits are enormously popular among people with keen interest in historical ships and boats. Though such ship kits have been in existence since many years, but their demand is raised after manufacturers introduced miniature replicas of famous ship models. In fact, ship builders from Ancient Egypt used to build wooden ships which were miniatures of the original ship. So, it depicts that ship model building is an ancient hobby.

Building ship model itself is very interesting and satisfying experience. Although you can buy a miniature but building one yourself will help you learn the craftsmanship and let you re-live the historic ship model. You can build a wood ship model through two ways- one is you create it using a plan, and another is you build it using a wood ship kit. However, when you buy a ship model kit, make sure it contains all essential parts inside the package. It will help you build the wooden ship model with perfection.

While exploring the collection of wooden ship, you need to confirm what type of model ship you want to build. Common brands available are Greeks, Roman, Egyptians and ancient Vikings. Here we are giving a brief about all common types of wood ship kit models available-

Amati Model Ship Kit

Amati model ship is a combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern design. This ship models are famous among modelers since 1920. These ship kits are made in Torino, Italy.The ship models from Amati are accurately detailed and accurately reflect the original ships. Mati deigns these ship models using computer and advanced materials.

Corel Ship Models

Corel is building wood ship kit models since 1971. These model kits are known for superior quality material, high quality wood in various shades, cast metal fitting, and use almost no plastic. Mostly, Corel provides pre-cut, ready-to-assemble parts for building ship model.

Dusek Ship Models

Dusek is renowned for designing and manufacturing premium ships and architecture wood ship model kits. You will find comprehensive, detailed drawings and instructions written in English inside the package. All the parts are well-organized and are of good quality.

Euromodel Ship Models

Euromodel ship kits are made in Italy. The company is creating authentic ship kits since 1970. Every wood ship kit made by Euromodel is a masterpiece. It manufactures ship model kits for highly experienced and skilled modellers only.

Krick Ship Models

Krickis a Germany based company that builds high quality ship models. The hulls of these wooden ship kit types include vacuum formed ABS, pre cut keels and frames. You will find all fitting and building instructions inside the kit.

Mamoli Ship Models

Mamoli ship kits are known for their historical designing and quality. All materials used and provided are of high quality, and package also includes detailed building plans.

Mantua Ship Models

Mantua ship kits are worldwide famous, and come with all fittings except glue, pain and tools. You will find kits made of different materials such as walnut, boxwood, brass, etc.

Hunting for the Right Cannons and Siege Kits?

Ages of Sail not only deals in the best-in-class wooden ship kits but also brings to you a series of other combo sets that are equipped with the ability to explore other passions of wood building techniques. Our detailed and pre-checked kits are designed to blow your mind with the top-class materials and extensive compilation manuals. We understand that you are not a natural and you might need help with the combining of our latest cannons and siege kits. Give yourself a break from ship kits and get hold of any one of the below cannons and siege kits before you move on to the next model:

  • French Fortress Siege Mortar
  • Roman Catapult
  • The Sea Coast Mortar
  • 10th Century Byzantine Catapult
  • 18th Century French Naval Gun
  • 18th Century Tuscan Mortar
  • American Coastal Cannon
  • Double Crossbow Scorpion
  • English Carronade

Whether you are a fan of the French or the Romans, we have just the right model to help you get a closer look at the historical weapons that helped these empires reach the brink of victories. Each of the models represent the closest that you can get to the most popular Cannons and Siege weapons that have gone down in history. Our spectacular series of innovative kits are made to give you a taste of the best weapons from different ages as well.

Ages of Sail understands that the highlight of wars was not just the soldiers, the strategies or the leadership. We bring you spectacular designs from different ages to help you revisit the age momentarily and experience the most popular designs of the time. When you get all the models, you can actually see them growing with the changes in time and the improvement in the model that was made.

With our experiences and proficient staff members, you can decorate your mantel or office cabinet with the most unique designs. Take your own sweet time to build a cannon or siege model and see that it can bring life to the existing line of ship models. Different is good and change can give you a new perspective.

Help us understand you better. You can easily pick the right model kit from our very own website or just drop by our shops to pick the right model after you get the feel of it. Every kit includes the best wood, manuals designed by the manufacturers and tips from experienced people. Our only aim is to give you the experience that you want with as much help possible.

Apart from the long line of Cannon and Siege Kits, we also bring to you the flagship wooden ship kits, airplane kits, tools and landmark models. Give yourself a spin down the memory lane of our history. Not everyone can share the passion that you have, like us. We can totally go on an on with a history discussion with you.

Come visit us to get the best experience of wooden ship kit shopping or cannons and siege kit picking for your very next project.

Let’s Recreate the Magic of World War II Ships

World War II is known for not only the amazing military capacity of the allies and the axis powers or Hitler. It is popular for the expensive and expressly new designs that were designed and manufactured by different countries. What if we give you the opportunity to recall the different ships of World War II in easy to assemble Wooden Ship Kits?

If your enthusiasm levels are high and the answer to the question if Yes, then you should review the basics about the models that we are offering in small packages with extensive detailing. The experience would take you a 80 years back and help you experience the magic of ship engineering. Some of the best models that Ages of Sail bring to you are as follows:

  • USS Bluefish

An exceptional design of this submarine was the highlight of the US navy. This sleek and beautifully engineered submarine is the first thing that you need on your desk. Remind yourself of the best ships of World War II that carries every feature and functionality that you know about. Give it a look to get the feel of what you are missing.

  • 310 Destroyer

Another flagship part of the US navy was the 310 Destroyer that ventured through the seas throughout the first and the second world war. If you are a fan of everything that sails on water or goes below it, this is the one thing that you cannot miss. Grab the size that you see fit for your mantel decoration and give your friends and relatives a spectacle to see your artwork.

  • ELCO PT Boat

There are several models of the ELCO PT Boat available. Ages of Sail bring to you the best in class materials and instructions manual to help you build the most amazing designs. With the availability of all spare parts and tools, our online and offline shops are the best ways to grab what you exactly need for your next boat project.

  • USS Bainbridge

Going one step forward, the USS Bainbridge is popular for its ability to launch nuclear weapons from afar. It is among the best ships of the US navy and a flagship design for the best ship collectors in town. Even if you were looking for missing pieces in your shipping kits, just reach us out and share the details, we would be more than glad to help you out.

  • The German Fleet

Whether you want to build the Type VII U-Boat, the German submarines or the German VIICboat, Ages of Sail is the best place to be. Our inventories are compiled with the top most wooden ship kits of World War II. German engineering has earned a reputation for a reason. Give yourself a taste of the best German ships in your closet and you would feel the instant satisfaction as a fan of the wars. Every German boat and submarine used at the time of World War II is made available in small and large packing. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

Choosing the Best Ship Model Kits for Your Kids

Building ship model kits are not just fun but can also be educational. They can help kids improve cognitive activities and improve coordination. Of course, these model kits are not only for kids, but instead many adults also build complex ship models as part of their hobby. There is a huge variety of ship kits available to meet the requirements of all age groups.

Considerations when choosing model ship kits

If your kid is new to model shipbuilding, you should go for pre-built, pre-painted kits that your kid just has to clip together. Such kits require very little involvement and offer great entertainment. You will find kits that just need to be glued together and then painted to take your kid’s hobby to the next level. All types of ship model kits are available, bit just modern kits, but also historical sailing ships, and classic liners too. Wooden ship kits are available in various models and need good assembly skills. They come with pre-cut parts and require careful assembly. Some of these parts need to be shaped, rigged and fitted.

Once you don’t with assembly, finishing is the next step to think about. Some of such kits come with a guidebook to help you understand the finishing procedure to get the authentic look. If not, you can simply use your creativity and imagination to adore your craft. If you want to exhibit your ship model kits on the water, you will need to add varnishing too to your furnishing products list.

Before you go out to purchase the ship model kits, take some time to decide what kind of kit your kid wants to build. It is better to start with the one that needs a solo effort, and then you can move to a joint project. Building a model ship kit can be an amazing way to spend some good time with kids, create bonding while learning new skills. Let your kid build the kit alone or offer very minimal help else they will soon get disillusioned. You can though buy a challenging model kit for yourself if you find them interesting too.

 The size of the vessel is another thing to think about. Some are just a few inches, whereas others can be several feet. Instead of picking any model by picture, you should always check the actual dimensions as pictures can misguide you easily. You just don’t need a place to exhibit the model, but also need more space than that to assemble the kit.


You should start by buying an inexpensive model ship kit. Though they offer less detail and require little involvement, they are good to start with. Once your kid gets better with the early-stage models, you can invest in expensive kits to make it more challenging. Detailed wooden ship model kits can start from a hundred dollar and go up to thousands depending upon the model type and detailing.