Salient Features of the Turk Model Range of Products

Turk models are one of the few companies from Turkey who manufacture ship model kits and produce high quality kits. It is one of the best manufacturers of the kits in the region and supplies the same to different countries. With years of experience, Turk model offers the best kinds of boats and ships. Along with this, the company also offers several other accessories and other ferries’ models for the buyers to purchase, assemble and enjoy.

If you face problems with the understanding of the manuals or the instructions, the company also provides improved services for buyers. The instructions manuals in different languages are provided Cutter digitally for the buyers to download, print and then use for the assembly of the varied parts. The instructions are given in advance and the local copies are also provided so that the best results can be acquired by the buyers.

Some of the leading types of models of the ships or boats that you can easily purchase from the official website of Ages of Sail is as follows:

  • Astraal Scandinavian Fishing Boat
  • Besiktas Motoru
  • Bosphorus Cutter
  • Bosphorus Ferry Pasabahce
  • CB90H – Nordic Class Boats 135
  • Conny Nordic Fishing Boat
  • FPV Westra Scottish Fisher Protection Vessel
  • Jeanett Nordic Fishing Boat
  • Killing Sailboat Class Racing Boat

Apart from the above-mentioned models of the ships and the boats, there are several other boats and ships model kits that can be easily purchased. These are fishing boats majorly that are made in the Nordic style and help with the refinement of the existing models that the buyers might like to acquire. Our professionals are excellent and experienced in helping you pick the perfect manufacturer of a certain type of a model and make sure that the highest quality wood is used by the varied companies.

Ages of Sail has been in the business of providing the best type of ship model kits to our customers. Our team hand picks the best manufacturers from across the globe and distribute the same in the country. You can find some of the best providers of the model kits in terms of ships and boats on the official website of the company and get the best deals in the region.

Our main motive is to help you pick the first-class ferries, boats and ships for assembly and recreation activity. The Turk model uses the foremost technology to give you the best types of kits that you can comfortably use. The designs are made through the use of the digital footprint and labels so that the models are perfect and the most lucrative designs are acquired by the buyers. It has become essentially important for buyers to make sure that the quality is good and the said names of the designs are actually delivered.

Ages of Sail makes sure that you get what is promised to you in the smallest duration of time and with the best quality. The digital formatting of the Turk model is one of the best features of this manufacturer. So, call us now to get the best deals on the best products.

Choosing the Best Ship Model Kits for Your Kids

Building ship model kits are not just fun but can also be educational. They can help kids improve cognitive activities and improve coordination. Of course, these model kits are not only for kids, but instead many adults also build complex ship models as part of their hobby. There is a huge variety of ship kits available to meet the requirements of all age groups.

Considerations when choosing model ship kits

If your kid is new to model shipbuilding, you should go for pre-built, pre-painted kits that your kid just has to clip together. Such kits require very little involvement and offer great entertainment. You will find kits that just need to be glued together and then painted to take your kid’s hobby to the next level. All types of ship model kits are available, bit just modern kits, but also historical sailing ships, and classic liners too. Wooden ship kits are available in various models and need good assembly skills. They come with pre-cut parts and require careful assembly. Some of these parts need to be shaped, rigged and fitted.

Once you don’t with assembly, finishing is the next step to think about. Some of such kits come with a guidebook to help you understand the finishing procedure to get the authentic look. If not, you can simply use your creativity and imagination to adore your craft. If you want to exhibit your ship model kits on the water, you will need to add varnishing too to your furnishing products list.

Before you go out to purchase the ship model kits, take some time to decide what kind of kit your kid wants to build. It is better to start with the one that needs a solo effort, and then you can move to a joint project. Building a model ship kit can be an amazing way to spend some good time with kids, create bonding while learning new skills. Let your kid build the kit alone or offer very minimal help else they will soon get disillusioned. You can though buy a challenging model kit for yourself if you find them interesting too.

 The size of the vessel is another thing to think about. Some are just a few inches, whereas others can be several feet. Instead of picking any model by picture, you should always check the actual dimensions as pictures can misguide you easily. You just don’t need a place to exhibit the model, but also need more space than that to assemble the kit.


You should start by buying an inexpensive model ship kit. Though they offer less detail and require little involvement, they are good to start with. Once your kid gets better with the early-stage models, you can invest in expensive kits to make it more challenging. Detailed wooden ship model kits can start from a hundred dollar and go up to thousands depending upon the model type and detailing.

Considerations For Marking & Cutting Plastic Components Of Ship Model Kits

There are a lot of things you need to learn associated with plastic ship model kits no matter you have been scale modeling for years or are a complete beginner. As with any scale model, it pays to know the means you work in so you can attain the most desired outcomes and complete the model you are proud of. The following are a few things that you must keep in mind:

The method to mark plastic

Marking is a perfect thing, to begin with, if you would like to be acquainted with the ways to build plastic scale models. Before you can walk, you would not run, and you are not supposed to cut the components of the model kit before marking. For marking a bend line or cut on opaque plastic, a soft pencil is enough. However, to mark transparent plastic, consider making use of a scriber or a felt pen, or even a chine-graph.

To prevent the surface from being scraped, the acrylic sheet is typically covered with a layer of paper. The cutting lines can also be marked using a pencil or pen directly onto the paper or even make use of a scribe in order to mark the actual surface.

Cutting cylinders of ship model kits can be complicated, particularly if you would a square cut. To make sure straight lines, just wrap a straight-edged piece of paper around the cylinder and guide the scriber or pencil before making the cut. On the other hand, you can even stick masking tape along one side of the cut line, and take it out after you have finished cutting and filing.

The method to cut plastic

Getting the cuts right is a very important component of the ways to build plastic models no matter you are working on a brand new car or kit-bashing an exclusive spaceship out of the leftover components. If you are working with very thin plastic, you can usually get by making use of scissors or a modeling knife. However, if you are cutting acrylobutyl styrene, thicker polystyrene, or sheet plastic, score a straight line with the help of a knife and snap the plastic over the edge of a bench or desk.

If carried out properly, the break will be flawlessly clean along the scored line. This approach can even be used for curved cuts, on condition that they are not very tight.

The technique mentioned above may lead to off-line breaks if you are working with fragile plastics like acetate, plastic laminates, or acrylics. So, the experienced hobbyists for ship model kits recommend making use of a reliable craft knife or, as in the case of the majority of acrylic sheets, sawn with a backsaw. In order to do so, clamp the sheet to the edge of the desk or bench, using a piece of wood over the plastic to protect its surface.

Make a saw-cut – work on the wasted side of the cut line. Smooth and polish the edge forward. Make use of a fret saw or piercing saw to make a curve cut, holding the work on a bench hook.

Types Of Additional Components For Ship Model Kits

While working with a variety of ship model kits, you will probably notice that there is a complete selection of additional components that can be added to the final scale model to give it an exclusive touch. Some of the components are mentioned below:

  • Cathead

The name cathead comes from the activity of “catting” or securing the anchor head prior to lifting up the anchor to be stowed. Pulleys and rope sheaves formed part of the cathead block and deal with rigging to lift the anchors into position. These are fitted at the bow and extend out from the bow. The drawings and plans of the scale model will detail the way the catheads are to be made and fitted.

  • Rudder & Rudder Hinges

The rudder is typically fitted later in the assembling of a scale model. It is joined to the sternpost with the help of rudder hinges. Small brass nails are employed to attach the hinge halves to the ruder and sternpost. A dab of super glue to the hinge assists holding it in place. The ruder hinges come in two halves known as gudgeons. The pintal is a component that’s the hinge component and attaches the two halves collectively.

It is vital to note that the hinge component that has the pintal effect is fitted to the rudder and that when fitting the rudder is hooked into the hinges fitted to the sternpost. This guarantees the rudder will not simply fall off.

  • Tillers, Steering Gear & Wheels

A tiller was the most straightforward technique of steering a vessel. Smaller vessels were steered with a tiller, which is a handle that’s joined to the top of the rudder so that the tiller is situated inboard. With the vessel moving forward the helmsman would merely move the angle of the tiller to change the way of the rudder and hence the vessel.

Bigger vessels were fitted with a tiller that was joined using a block and deal with a mechanism to a ship wheel. The tackle was wound around a drum that was joined to the ship wheel.

  • Cannons & Carronades

Cannons and carronades were the armaments of the majority of the ships up to the mid-1850s as there was a huge rivalry between the seafaring countries of Europe over trade. If the kit has armaments the drawings and plans supplied will demonstrate the way they are put together and joined to the scale model.

  • Bittheads or Bollards

Bollards and bittheads are used to make heavy ropes safe from the winches, yards or capstan. As the bittheads may be under some tension to add a little extra power to joining them to the deck location you can drill a 1mm hole into its base and stick a 10mm length of 1mm brass wire in place. Then drill the same size hole into the location where the bittheads are to be joined and then attach them in place.

The things mentioned above are some of the additional components that can be attached to a variety of different types of ship model kits. These are sure to give the model an exclusive touch!

Building Your First Scale Model Wooden Ship Kit

So, you are planning to build one of the first ship model kits, but, at the same time, thinking about whether it is possible? Certainly, it is! These days, the market is flooded with a complete spectrum of diverse boat and ship kits. Building ship kits have developed into a great, enjoyable hobby. All you need to do is to visit the local store or search for a popular website online and select a specific model kit to work on. Primarily, it is worthwhile to work on something really straightforward. You would not like to choose a boat kit that’s more intricate or designed for the more experienced modelers and then start to flounder.

The time you unbox your first boat model kit, verifying each and every component with the list of contents is probably one of the initial things that you need to carry out. If you find any of the parts missing, it can prove upsetting particularly if you are in a critical phase of building the boat kit. It even provides you with a prospect to stumble on what is what inside the kit. Follow the pretty straightforward instructions in the kit and you will get it going effortlessly. The components available in the ship model kits for beginner modelers are cut previously and shaped with the intention that you will just need to glue them jointly and maybe smoothen them at a later phase.

If you are structured, building model boat kits is uncomplicated. Keep every component on the work table in order that you make out where the parts are and you don’t consume much time making an effort to look for them every time. In addition, it provides you with a chance to make sure that the components are in good condition. The easiest means would be to construct the keep followed by the frame of the ship. Building the ship model methodically will ease off the work and provide accurateness.

There are several scaled ship models available that are simple to handcraft and very attractive to look at. So, it is significant that all the complex work is performed with care and every joint must be sandpapered for smoothness. Tolerance is an extremely essential quality when it comes to building ship model kits. Rushing towards giving the final touch to the model will never do and you will probably end up components being mismatched. A quick job will never give you satisfaction. Moreover, keep in mind that glue will take time to dry and you’ll definitely need to wait until it does. It’ll not do to rush the procedure for the reason that at the end of the day when you feel you’ve performed a quality job you’ll come across bits and pieces of the model falling apart.

An additional imperative aspect you must remember is that ensure there are no small kids playing nearby when you unbox the model kit as some of the components can be really small and those kids normally put such components into their mouth.

A Guide To Select The First Ship Model Kit

Selecting the first kit for scale modeling can be really burdensome because of the availability of an assortment of ship model kits. Even though the dedication is not fairly as big as purchasing the first home or car, it can still impact the life in a manner that you may possibly not expect. For some individuals, the first scale model built possibly will be the last, making a decision that the hobby is simply not for them. However, for numerous other individuals, the first scale model could be a kick-starter of the career that can go for years to come.


As the range of model ship kits is expanding tremendously, the options are nearly everlasting for the one just going to begin. Here are a few things to consider that’ll help to choose the first model easily.

Kind & Theme

Getting a kit that you’re eager to model ought to be the initial thing you carry out. Passion and enthusiasm contribute significantly while scale modeling, specifically while working on the trickiest part of the model. No matter you have an enduring gratitude for epic or contemporary ships, select a kit that best captures your interest as well as motivates you to envisage the scale model to its finish.

Scale & Size

No matter you decide to opt for an array of ship model kits of various sizes, or you wish to stick to a single scale all the way through your scale modeling profession, it is vital to recognize the disparities between crafting large and small model kits, as well as to acquire a concrete grip on the ways scale works. Fortunately, you can go through multiple scale guides prior you finalize your decision for the first model ship kit.

Difficulty Level

Although it goes without saying, however, selecting a ship kit with numerous small components and a good level of difficulty would not be an ideal choice, specifically, if you wish your model to look like the one on the instructions manual or the box. Selecting a model kit with lesser components and not a number of phases till finishing point will certainly let you experience the fun filled process of building. Also, discover the amount of glue needed, the number of components to assemble, and the ideal tools to accomplish the project.


Over the years, the quality of ship kits has improved tremendously. Comprehensive testing is done so as to ensure no defects as well as the components fit together according to the tutorials. Even though there are options to get an outdated model kit at cheaper prices, however, it may risk the quality of the final product as well as the components included in it.


Keeping in mind every aspect mentioned above, feel free to take all your time to research about different ship model kits available. You can go through an array of magazines and e-books apart from watching videos and forums on the internet to explore what would be the best option for your skill level and actual needs.

Good luck and happy scale modeling!

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Ages of Sail is a fast growing retailer of model ship kits and ship model kits.  Over the past 5 years, we have built a reputation for delivering finest quality wood ship kits. We stock a huge range of wooden ship kits from the world famous manufacturers and suppliers including Amati, Artesania Latina, Billing Boats, Caldercraft, CCV, Dumas, Dusek, Euromodel, Mantua, Midwest, Panart, Sergal, Nordic Class Boats, Soclaine, Turk Model, and others. We have more than 800  ship models to choose from. No matter you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced ship modeler, you can find a ship kit best suiting your needs.

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Ages of Sail also stocks card model kits from Medieval Cannons and Weapons, Miniature Figures from Amati, Shipyard of Poland, Denix Metal Cannons, Domus Architectural Kits and more. Our aim is to provide customers with the ship kits they want. We got into the business to make customers easily find wood ship kits and models, which earlier were not easily found online and if found were in limited in selection. If you want a ship kit that we do not carry, you can send us the details and we will try to bring the item in for you as soon as possible.  You can find our high quality ship kits from the authorized dealers only such as eBay, Amazon and our retail stores. We get 70% sales from the referrals we get from our happy and satisfied customers.

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Ship modeling is an interesting hobby. Our aim is to provide ship modelers with something unique and rewarding so that they keep challenging themselves and improve their skills.  The art of ship modeling is as old as maritime history itself.   This craft was handed down generation to generation and today it is still practiced by professionals and hobbyists alike.  With the computer aided designs and laser technology, ship kits are crafted meticulously than they were centuries ago.

French Navy Schooner wooden model ship kit by Dusek

But acquiring a good model ship on the Internet is not an easy task.  That is why we have brought together a range of Model Boat Kits to simplify your searching process.  You can find any ship model kit with us and if do not carry it, please tell and we will bring it for you.

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