New Collection of Swords for Our Ship Builders

If you are interested in wooden model ship kits and have been doing this for a quite while then you might need a change of pace. Many of our permanent ship builders often ask us for something new that they can build and add to their collection. So, Ages of Sail brings to you Swords that are especially crafted by Marto of Spain. The company is an international leader in the manufacturing of swords and is particularly based in Marto. With over 100 years of experience in the field, the company has been promoting historic artifacts and giving individuals an opportunity to build and treasure the rich history of the world.

Some of the leading models of swords that you can easily acquire from Ages of Sail are as follows:

  • Excalibur Sword Gold and Silver Finish
  • King Solomon Sword
  • Knights Templar Sword Gold Finished
  • Knights Templar Sword Silver
  • Masonic Sword Gold Finished
  • Robin Hood Sword
  • Roman Gladius Sword of Julius Caesar
  • Sword of Richard The Lionheart
  • Viking Sword of Erik the Red

The best aspect of building swords is that they are like ships as well. They are not easy to build but they are very durable. The materials used by the company are exceptional and can be used to treasure the piece of your sword for years together. Swords are known to add a fresh perspective to your collection of ships. You can even match the era of theswords to the ships that you have built and make an entire collection from one generation or era.

These factors can help you attain the best knowledge about thebest building exercises that should be used for historic and different models. Swords of different brands are made available but Martois one of the best branded companies to provide materials to build the best swords. These swords seem to be real when kept in your cabinet or in the closet where you treasure all your ships and other materials.

When purchasing the perfect model, whether you need wooden model ship kits or swords, you should always pick the best company and the most experienced providers of models. The mastery of some of the companies in the building of model kits is unprecedented and unmatched. There are models made by Marto that were displayed and treasured in museums. Preservation is not only done on the national level but to a large extent on the international level as well. Ages of Sail has attempted to bring to you the best-in-class materials and manufacturers of model kits to help you get the best results from the product that you might choose. We have often been ranked among the best and the most reputed companies to help our customers pick the perfect ship model kits and other types of model kits. You can order your favorite products from the official website of the company or visit our stores to understand the dynamics of the different models before you are able to pick the perfect one.

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