Why are Dusek Wooden Ship Kits Special?

If you are trying to find information about Dusek Wooden ship kit and whether it is a reliable brand to pick the ship kits, then you have come to the right place. Ages of Sail has been associated with Dusek wooden ship kit providers since a long time now. Our first priority is to test the ship kits and make sure that they are worthy enough for our customers to buy and build ships on. We have given our manufacturers every opportunity to prove that they are using the best quality materials. Keeping this in view, Dusek is one of the most reliable and exceptional brand of wooden ship kit providers.

Dusek is located in the Czech Republic and is owned by a family since generations. The idea is to give the customers, the best possible ship model kits. If you do not find the right manuals with the ships, you can even download them from the website of Ages of Sail, without any added costs. Dusek is one of the best providers of ship kits and works towards improving the experience of the customers in the most suitable manner. The following are the most popular types of Dusek model kits that you can choose from:

  • La Real
  • La Belle Poule
  • Greek Bireme
  • Le Cerf
  • Maria HF31
  • Nina
  • Nuestra Senora
  • San Martin
  • Santa Maria
  • The Viking Ship Gokstad and many more

Dusek has managed to understand the complexities of varied types of ships and brough about change in the way many builders have built the most promising ships until now. Ages of Sail understands the whole purpose of ship building and has managed to change the perspective of the people through the provision of the best in class services and products in our official stores and websites. Our website also offers a step by step guide to new people on how to build ships.

With the intricate details provided by our professionals and experts in the field of ship building, we have managed to improve the quality parameters through the feedback received from the customers. As a lot of you might find it difficult to locate the right tools in the stores around the block, we also give you a long list of tools to buy or purchase from our website. Our official brick and mortar stores also consist of a huge variety of ship model kits and other supplies.

In order to get a better feel of the model kit, some individual prefer to use paints. In some cases, you might need the right adhesives to stick the pieces together. The additional materials available on our website have the right ingredients to make sure that the ships do not get damaged with their use and you get the perfect design and long-lasting results after the ship is duly finished. Every brand-named wooden ship kit present on our website is fully proven excellent results. As more and more models are made available, we keep upgrading our stores to help you get the best experience in one lifetime.

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