Choosing the Right Wood Ship Kit Brand for Beginners

Wooden ship kits are enormously popular among people with keen interest in historical ships and boats. Though such ship kits have been in existence since many years, but their demand is raised after manufacturers introduced miniature replicas of famous ship models. In fact, ship builders from Ancient Egypt used to build wooden ships which were miniatures of the original ship. So, it depicts that ship model building is an ancient hobby.

Building ship model itself is very interesting and satisfying experience. Although you can buy a miniature but building one yourself will help you learn the craftsmanship and let you re-live the historic ship model. You can build a wood ship model through two ways- one is you create it using a plan, and another is you build it using a wood ship kit. However, when you buy a ship model kit, make sure it contains all essential parts inside the package. It will help you build the wooden ship model with perfection.

While exploring the collection of wooden ship, you need to confirm what type of model ship you want to build. Common brands available are Greeks, Roman, Egyptians and ancient Vikings. Here we are giving a brief about all common types of wood ship kit models available-

Amati Model Ship Kit

Amati model ship is a combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern design. This ship models are famous among modelers since 1920. These ship kits are made in Torino, Italy.The ship models from Amati are accurately detailed and accurately reflect the original ships. Mati deigns these ship models using computer and advanced materials.

Corel Ship Models

Corel is building wood ship kit models since 1971. These model kits are known for superior quality material, high quality wood in various shades, cast metal fitting, and use almost no plastic. Mostly, Corel provides pre-cut, ready-to-assemble parts for building ship model.

Dusek Ship Models

Dusek is renowned for designing and manufacturing premium ships and architecture wood ship model kits. You will find comprehensive, detailed drawings and instructions written in English inside the package. All the parts are well-organized and are of good quality.

Euromodel Ship Models

Euromodel ship kits are made in Italy. The company is creating authentic ship kits since 1970. Every wood ship kit made by Euromodel is a masterpiece. It manufactures ship model kits for highly experienced and skilled modellers only.

Krick Ship Models

Krickis a Germany based company that builds high quality ship models. The hulls of these wooden ship kit types include vacuum formed ABS, pre cut keels and frames. You will find all fitting and building instructions inside the kit.

Mamoli Ship Models

Mamoli ship kits are known for their historical designing and quality. All materials used and provided are of high quality, and package also includes detailed building plans.

Mantua Ship Models

Mantua ship kits are worldwide famous, and come with all fittings except glue, pain and tools. You will find kits made of different materials such as walnut, boxwood, brass, etc.

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