Hunting for the Right Cannons and Siege Kits?

Ages of Sail not only deals in the best-in-class wooden ship kits but also brings to you a series of other combo sets that are equipped with the ability to explore other passions of wood building techniques. Our detailed and pre-checked kits are designed to blow your mind with the top-class materials and extensive compilation manuals. We understand that you are not a natural and you might need help with the combining of our latest cannons and siege kits. Give yourself a break from ship kits and get hold of any one of the below cannons and siege kits before you move on to the next model:

  • French Fortress Siege Mortar
  • Roman Catapult
  • The Sea Coast Mortar
  • 10th Century Byzantine Catapult
  • 18th Century French Naval Gun
  • 18th Century Tuscan Mortar
  • American Coastal Cannon
  • Double Crossbow Scorpion
  • English Carronade

Whether you are a fan of the French or the Romans, we have just the right model to help you get a closer look at the historical weapons that helped these empires reach the brink of victories. Each of the models represent the closest that you can get to the most popular Cannons and Siege weapons that have gone down in history. Our spectacular series of innovative kits are made to give you a taste of the best weapons from different ages as well.

Ages of Sail understands that the highlight of wars was not just the soldiers, the strategies or the leadership. We bring you spectacular designs from different ages to help you revisit the age momentarily and experience the most popular designs of the time. When you get all the models, you can actually see them growing with the changes in time and the improvement in the model that was made.

With our experiences and proficient staff members, you can decorate your mantel or office cabinet with the most unique designs. Take your own sweet time to build a cannon or siege model and see that it can bring life to the existing line of ship models. Different is good and change can give you a new perspective.

Help us understand you better. You can easily pick the right model kit from our very own website or just drop by our shops to pick the right model after you get the feel of it. Every kit includes the best wood, manuals designed by the manufacturers and tips from experienced people. Our only aim is to give you the experience that you want with as much help possible.

Apart from the long line of Cannon and Siege Kits, we also bring to you the flagship wooden ship kits, airplane kits, tools and landmark models. Give yourself a spin down the memory lane of our history. Not everyone can share the passion that you have, like us. We can totally go on an on with a history discussion with you.

Come visit us to get the best experience of wooden ship kit shopping or cannons and siege kit picking for your very next project.

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