Let’s Recreate the Magic of World War II Ships

World War II is known for not only the amazing military capacity of the allies and the axis powers or Hitler. It is popular for the expensive and expressly new designs that were designed and manufactured by different countries. What if we give you the opportunity to recall the different ships of World War II in easy to assemble Wooden Ship Kits?

If your enthusiasm levels are high and the answer to the question if Yes, then you should review the basics about the models that we are offering in small packages with extensive detailing. The experience would take you a 80 years back and help you experience the magic of ship engineering. Some of the best models that Ages of Sail bring to you are as follows:

  • USS Bluefish

An exceptional design of this submarine was the highlight of the US navy. This sleek and beautifully engineered submarine is the first thing that you need on your desk. Remind yourself of the best ships of World War II that carries every feature and functionality that you know about. Give it a look to get the feel of what you are missing.

  • 310 Destroyer

Another flagship part of the US navy was the 310 Destroyer that ventured through the seas throughout the first and the second world war. If you are a fan of everything that sails on water or goes below it, this is the one thing that you cannot miss. Grab the size that you see fit for your mantel decoration and give your friends and relatives a spectacle to see your artwork.

  • ELCO PT Boat

There are several models of the ELCO PT Boat available. Ages of Sail bring to you the best in class materials and instructions manual to help you build the most amazing designs. With the availability of all spare parts and tools, our online and offline shops are the best ways to grab what you exactly need for your next boat project.

  • USS Bainbridge

Going one step forward, the USS Bainbridge is popular for its ability to launch nuclear weapons from afar. It is among the best ships of the US navy and a flagship design for the best ship collectors in town. Even if you were looking for missing pieces in your shipping kits, just reach us out and share the details, we would be more than glad to help you out.

  • The German Fleet

Whether you want to build the Type VII U-Boat, the German submarines or the German VIICboat, Ages of Sail is the best place to be. Our inventories are compiled with the top most wooden ship kits of World War II. German engineering has earned a reputation for a reason. Give yourself a taste of the best German ships in your closet and you would feel the instant satisfaction as a fan of the wars. Every German boat and submarine used at the time of World War II is made available in small and large packing. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

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