Choosing the Best Ship Model Kits for Your Kids

Building ship model kits are not just fun but can also be educational. They can help kids improve cognitive activities and improve coordination. Of course, these model kits are not only for kids, but instead many adults also build complex ship models as part of their hobby. There is a huge variety of ship kits available to meet the requirements of all age groups.

Considerations when choosing model ship kits

If your kid is new to model shipbuilding, you should go for pre-built, pre-painted kits that your kid just has to clip together. Such kits require very little involvement and offer great entertainment. You will find kits that just need to be glued together and then painted to take your kid’s hobby to the next level. All types of ship model kits are available, bit just modern kits, but also historical sailing ships, and classic liners too. Wooden ship kits are available in various models and need good assembly skills. They come with pre-cut parts and require careful assembly. Some of these parts need to be shaped, rigged and fitted.

Once you don’t with assembly, finishing is the next step to think about. Some of such kits come with a guidebook to help you understand the finishing procedure to get the authentic look. If not, you can simply use your creativity and imagination to adore your craft. If you want to exhibit your ship model kits on the water, you will need to add varnishing too to your furnishing products list.

Before you go out to purchase the ship model kits, take some time to decide what kind of kit your kid wants to build. It is better to start with the one that needs a solo effort, and then you can move to a joint project. Building a model ship kit can be an amazing way to spend some good time with kids, create bonding while learning new skills. Let your kid build the kit alone or offer very minimal help else they will soon get disillusioned. You can though buy a challenging model kit for yourself if you find them interesting too.

 The size of the vessel is another thing to think about. Some are just a few inches, whereas others can be several feet. Instead of picking any model by picture, you should always check the actual dimensions as pictures can misguide you easily. You just don’t need a place to exhibit the model, but also need more space than that to assemble the kit.


You should start by buying an inexpensive model ship kit. Though they offer less detail and require little involvement, they are good to start with. Once your kid gets better with the early-stage models, you can invest in expensive kits to make it more challenging. Detailed wooden ship model kits can start from a hundred dollar and go up to thousands depending upon the model type and detailing.

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