Common Tools You Need to Build Wooden Ship Kits

Are you planning to build a ship model kit from scratch for the first time? You will require a set of ship modeling tools to successfully build your ship model. Although some tools vary from ship models to model, but some common tools can be used with the majority of wooden ship kits, such as-

Hobby Knife

You will need a hobby knife, also called a snap blade to build a model ship. You can use this tool to perform a variety of tasks, right from tapering planks to trimming rigging cord. Front cutting section of hobby knife may lose its sharpness because of regular use, in such a case, simply break that section off, and extend the blade further to access the sharp part of the blade piece.

It is worth mentioning here that each hobby knife comes with a blade locking mechanism in the handle. So, when you extend the blade, make sure that the blade doesn’t slide in or while because such movement could be very dangerous for the user.

Razor Saws

Razor saws are another great tool to cut the timers accurately to build ship models. The blade cut of such saws are exceptionally fine. You must be very careful when using a razor saw to avoid dangerous accidents.

You will find a variety of razor saws in the market with different depths and volumes of teeth such as fine, medium and broad. You need to choose based on the type of your ship model.

Knife Blades & Handle

While building the wooden ship kits, you have to cut and shape up different parts, therefore, you will always need a set of knife blades. Generally, you will require the chisel, curved and pointed blades, and each one has a unique role to play in building model kits. Right from cutting the end off a length of rigging cord in sizes to fitting a planking piece to complete the hull, you will require knife blades and handle.

Mini Mitre Box

You will use mitre box along with a razor saw to cut the timer in length accurately either at a right angle or 45 degrees. These mitre boxes are made of aluminum and last for a long time.

Mini Plane

A mini plan comes with a razor blade inbuilt. You can adjust the depth of the blade cut by losing the wing nut and moving the blade either inside or outside. You will need this tool to taper down the planks before bending them and fixing to the hull bulkhead frames.


Sandpapers and blocks come in a variety of grades- from very fine to coarse. You will need sandpapers to adjust a piece of timer or make the hull planks smooth after finishing planking. Another important tool is the sanding block which has sandpapers glued to each side. Such blocks also come in a range of sizes depending on the use. Sanding blocks are mostly used when you need to smooth the bulkhead frames of a model.

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