A Definitive Guide To Building Model Boat Kits

So you have grown tired of blocks and bricks. Possibly it is time to try the extremely rewarding hobby of building model boat kits. The important trait of model kits is that they are available standard in a number of small components that require being put together to build the final product. Based on the material, you may require assembling the model with the help of small nails, screws, glue, or a blend of all of them. The majority of scale modeling kits will even need some painting to complete so they come out the same as on the box.

The scale models are available in the market in a plenty of scales, ranging from 1:10 to 1:2500. Actually, the scale informs the modeler how much a model has been reduced in size compared to the original size of the model. The majority of types have a range of common scales that make the kind of model convenient for a beginner both to display and complete. Ship model kits are often exclusive for the reason that the originals are huge. 1:72, 1:350, and 1:720 are some of the most common scales for ship kit models but you’ll usually discover numerous odd scales in between.

What does the skill level stand for?

The majority of model boat kits are manufactured according to five skill levels that stand for the difficulty of completing the scale model.

  • Skill Level 1 – This is the difficulty level for a scale modeling kit that simply requires snap-together of different components. There is no need for paint or glue.
  • Skill Level 2 – These are easier kits that necessitate paint and glue to complete the model. Such kits generally include no more than 100 components.
  • Skill Level 3 – These scale modeling kits are small with more details components and they often comprise of more than 100 components to assemble.
  • Skill Level 4 – These are the advanced level model kits that comprise of extra-fine details and they most certainly include more than 100 parts.
  • Skill Level 5 – This is the difficulty level exclusively for expert scale modelers. These kits comprise of super-detailed components and can incorporate numerous parts, and usually contain moving components such as functional suspensions or other such components.

No matter what your skill level is, there are several tools that every type of scale modeler will certainly require. The 1st thing is a good, razor-sharp blade in order to take out components from the sprues and the 2nd thing is a small file to smooth away any imperfections and the nubs. The expert scale modelers usually suggest that a beginner modeler should make use of metal files instead of using an old emery board for the purpose of smoothening.

Glue first, or paint first?

It is the most common question asked by beginners working on model boat kits. As there’s no simple answer, however, the experts recommend painting first for the reason that applying glue turns out to be real handy afterward.

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