A Guide To Select The First Ship Model Kit

Selecting the first kit for scale modeling can be really burdensome because of the availability of an assortment of ship model kits. Even though the dedication is not fairly as big as purchasing the first home or car, it can still impact the life in a manner that you may possibly not expect. For some individuals, the first scale model built possibly will be the last, making a decision that the hobby is simply not for them. However, for numerous other individuals, the first scale model could be a kick-starter of the career that can go for years to come.


As the range of model ship kits is expanding tremendously, the options are nearly everlasting for the one just going to begin. Here are a few things to consider that’ll help to choose the first model easily.

Kind & Theme

Getting a kit that you’re eager to model ought to be the initial thing you carry out. Passion and enthusiasm contribute significantly while scale modeling, specifically while working on the trickiest part of the model. No matter you have an enduring gratitude for epic or contemporary ships, select a kit that best captures your interest as well as motivates you to envisage the scale model to its finish.

Scale & Size

No matter you decide to opt for an array of ship model kits of various sizes, or you wish to stick to a single scale all the way through your scale modeling profession, it is vital to recognize the disparities between crafting large and small model kits, as well as to acquire a concrete grip on the ways scale works. Fortunately, you can go through multiple scale guides prior you finalize your decision for the first model ship kit.

Difficulty Level

Although it goes without saying, however, selecting a ship kit with numerous small components and a good level of difficulty would not be an ideal choice, specifically, if you wish your model to look like the one on the instructions manual or the box. Selecting a model kit with lesser components and not a number of phases till finishing point will certainly let you experience the fun filled process of building. Also, discover the amount of glue needed, the number of components to assemble, and the ideal tools to accomplish the project.


Over the years, the quality of ship kits has improved tremendously. Comprehensive testing is done so as to ensure no defects as well as the components fit together according to the tutorials. Even though there are options to get an outdated model kit at cheaper prices, however, it may risk the quality of the final product as well as the components included in it.


Keeping in mind every aspect mentioned above, feel free to take all your time to research about different ship model kits available. You can go through an array of magazines and e-books apart from watching videos and forums on the internet to explore what would be the best option for your skill level and actual needs.

Good luck and happy scale modeling!

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