Wood Ship Kit Modeling Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Wooden Model Ship Kits - agesofsail

So, your best friend has gifted you a brand new wooden ship kit and you do not know where to start from?  Well, if this is your story too, then here we have solved your purpose.  In this blog, we will be giving you detailed instructions about how to model a ship?

Wood Ship Kits - agesofsail
Wood Ship Kits – Agesofsail

Before you start modeling a ship, ensure your kit has all the parts such as mold lines, pin holes, warpage, flash and swirl marks, etc. If there are several parts, which are missing, then contact with your manufacturer to provide you with the required parts so that you can accomplish your job.  With every wood ship kit you buy, you will get a detailed set of diagrams, as well as instructions, which will help you complete the job successfully.

Wooden Model Ship Kits - Ages of Sail

There are various books and tools available, which will guide you throughout the process.  If you have an elder member in your family, who is acquainted with the process, you may take his help to model a ship.  It is always fun to watch someone modeling a ship and more fun is to model a ship with your hands.

Wood Ship Kits - agesofsail

You can find a huge variety of wood ship kits over the Internet. You may choose the one that suits your needs the best.  If you are purchasing from a physical store, you can take the help of the professionals to assist you in finding a perfect ship kit as per your needs and learning level.

Wooden Model Ship Kits - Ages of Sail

Ages of Sail deals in a variety of wooden ship kits, tools, books and accessories.  They have more than 800 products to choose from. You can choose from basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

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